The Badger’s Sett

What’s that rustling sound? There’s a new stage in town!



Tucked away, nestled in amongst the rolling hills, thick bushes and deep underground… You will find where the badgers have made their home.

Brand new to 2018, we’ve hunted (not culled) the very rarest of breeds.

For these aren’t just any badgers and their tastes are far from black and white.

Deep in the sett you’ll find every furry friend’s favourite selection of live bands and artists. With such a broad and fluid spectrum of genres and influences, including Electro Swing, Ska, Hip Hop, Folk, Swing, Ska Punk plus many more; We dare you to delve deep and paws to listen whilst quenching that insatiable thirst!

…. And please remember to keep your eyes peeled for those most Illusive Badgers!


...::: Line-Up :::...

Unknown Era

Eat The Evidence

Jenova Collective

Bored Of Justice

Cut Capers

The Stiff Joints

The Hostiles

Millie Manders

Captain Accident

Mad Apple Circus

Mr Trick

Lazy Habbits

Just Say Nay



Echo Town

3 Daft Monkeys

Town Of Cats

The Undercover Hippys